A Unique View of Reality

A mom and her special needs son share their Story.

Jim Boeheim, long practicing Syracuse Basket Ball Coach, with David at the occasion of his receiving the annual ARC award for best Employee. He was also applauded for his generous volunteer work. Standing proudly to his right is his Mom.

Interview with Joan Rogers

Co-host Allyson Murray interviews Joan Cecelia Rogers during Author Meet and Greet at the Fayetteville Library in Upstate New York. Joan Rogers provides a very moving insight to raising a child with special needs from a Mom’s perspective. The book allows the reader to share in the challenging day to day struggles a family goes through in raising a Son/sibling with disabilities but more importantly, the love and happiness that is also generated from raising a child with special needs. Joan’s book allows us a glimpse into her life and how she dealt with bringing up her Down Syndrome child with a unique view of reality.